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About Skimium

Security / Confidentiality

Protection of your personal data

What the data is destined for

  • The personal information about yourself that is collated from the website is destined for the use of the SKI BREAK SAS company and the store at which you have reserved your equipment. This data is necessary for treating your reservation request and is treated by computer. Even if you have given your consent during the reservation request, the SKI BREAK SAS company could well use your personal data to communicate to you diverse information, notably concerning commercial topics (newsletters, product information, etc.). Even if you have given your consent during the reservation request, the SKI BREAK SAS company could communicate your personal data to the companies to which it is affiliated to. These companies could well use the data to communicate to you diverse information, notably concerning commercial topics (newsletters, product information, etc.).

Laws concerning Freedom of Information

  • Conforming to the law governing Freedom of Information in France, (6th January 1978), you have the right to access, modify or delete any of the personal information that you have previously communicated to us by simply sending us an email at


  • We would like to install a cookie in your computer. A cookie does not allow us to identify you; on the other hand, it saves certain information relating to the navigation of your computer on our website (which pages you have consulted, the date and the time of the consultation, etc) that we can read when you visit our site in the future. We inform you that you may oppose the saving of "cookies" by accessing the configuration menu of your browser to set the parameters.

A Secure payment on-line

  • To provide you with the most viable service in terms of on-line payment, SKI BREAK SAS has chosen the secure payment system proposed by the Société Générale: SOGENACTIF.
  • With the SOGENACTIF service, on one hand the on-line payment procedure is undertaken on a secure page by the Société Générale onto which you will be automatically directed, on the other hand all the information transferred from the page is exclusively transferred to Société Générale’s secure server. Furthermore, all the information transferred to this server is encoded before being sent.
  • On the secure page, you will be asked to enter the number and the expiry date of your bank card as well as the visual cryptogram (3 characters located on the back of the card next to your signature). This information is necessary for the payment to be made and it must be sent to the Société Générale so that the payment is possible. The data will be sent at the same time as the total sum of the transaction to the Société Générale’s secure server. Your bank card information and the amount of the transaction will be encoded (by SSL encoding, widely accepted as standard by most internet browsers) before the information transfer is sent.
  • Not under any circumstances can SKI BREAK SAS, or any other party, access the information concerning your bank card details. Furthermore, SKI BREAK SAS does not have an access to the secure page on which you enter your bank card details. No information concerning your card is stocked on the website.
  • When you are on the page where you must enter you bank card details, a small padlock is present at the bottom of your browser. Its presence shows that you are in a secure space and that all the information that you will send will be encoded before sending.
The procedure for on-line payment with SOGENACTIF :
  • When you validate your reservation, you are redirected to a secure Société Générale page.
  • You enter your bank card details on this page.
  • When you validate your payment, your bank card information and the amount of the transaction are encoded and your payment request is sent in real time to the secure server of the Société Générale.
  • The Société Générale makes sure that your bank card is valid (no errors when entering the number, no refusal...) and records your payment.
  • The bank then confirms that your payment has been recorded and simultaneously sends you an electronic certificate on which figures the details of the transaction or which informs you that the transaction has been refused (in the event of an error in the data entry or the refusal of the card).

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only put down a 25% deposit

Your personal details will be stored on a database allowing you to manage your customer account and for the use of SKIBREAK SAS and the SKIMIUM store with which you made your booking. These details may also be used by DECATHLON SA and its subsidiaries (Skibreak is a member of the DECATHLON Network). To find out more about the DECATHLON Network, please visit You may also view our data protection policy by following this link.

Your details may also be used for marketing and statistical studies, quality control of our products and services and, subject to your prior consent, to send you offers matching your sports preferences. In accordance with the data protection act of 6 January 1978 and later modifications, you have the right to access, edit and delete your personal details by emailing or by accessing "My account" at