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Proper physical preparation for a skiing holiday

Getting your body in shape for skiing is not something to take lightly. Every year, there are over 150,000 accidents on the ski slopes during the first week of skiing. Needless to say, a good physical preparation can prevent you from leaving a ski holiday with your leg in a cast. To avoid an accident, it is absolutely necessary to get into physical shape before taking off for skiing and to get into the habit of simple workouts before your first run and after the last. Accidents are not reserved for seasoned skiers or daredevils, quite the contrary, more often than not it is the less-advised and unprepared skiers who suffer injuries as their muscles are not prepared for ski, they fall more often even if they ski more slowly.

In this series of articles, Skimium presents some key information to get you in shape and ready to hit the slopes with some simple advice on training and workouts.

  • Physical training at home: Early preparation for skiing is one of the best ways to prevent injury and to make the most of a ski holiday.
  • Stretching and recovery. One of the best solutions to avoid cramps is stretching! You will find some simple stretching exercises for better warm up and cool down.
  • Relaxing after the day’s physical effort. Ski resorts today offer possibilities for working out when off the slopes as well as pampering your body after.

And while you’re getting your body in shape, it’s also important to make sure your ski equipment is in shape; don’t let poorly adjusted ski equipment cancel the benefits of good physical preparation and training! Before each ski holiday, it is imperative to have your bindings checked and adjusted by a professional – Skimium, for example – to avoid any risk of injury or accident. But it is also necessary to respect skiing etiquette when on the slopes: priority goes to the downhill skier, controlled speed, no stopping in the middle of trails or slopes, and ski helmets are especially recommended for children.

Hit the slopes!

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