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Downhill skiing : how to choose boots

The ski boot is the technical interface between the skier and his or her skis.

While you may be stylish on the slopes by choosing a beautiful ski boot, that should not be the primary criteria for the choice of your ski boots. Most important is how the boots will fit and their technical specifics.

The ski boot plays a very important role as it transfers energy and pressure to the skis while keeping feet warm. It is thus important not to neglect this element of your ski equipment. When you shop for ski boots, it is important to take your time and to plan on an hour to try them on properly. Specialised shops will often have a device to measure the foot and to help choose the proper ski boot structure so the boots fits comfortably and painlessly when you are on the slopes.

Once you’ve placed your foot in the boot, close the hooks on the first notch. This is important as the feet are usually dilated because of heat when tried on which is not the case on the slopes. The sock will also lose approximately 10% of its volume on your first ski outings. Further, your heel should not lift up when you bend your knees. As for the tip of the foot, it should be held as it direct your skis. The ski boot’s flex, its ability to bend, is also crucial as the higher the index, the stiffer the boot; and too high a flex will prevent you from moving forward.

To summarize, a ski boot should be technically precise, comfortable and warm. It should not exert pressure on the foot or the ankle. For the sock, traditional foam will guarantee comfort whereas the thermoformed sock will be closer to the body’s temperature.  It is necessary to opt for a ski boot with a Velcro strap around the ankle which will better support the shin and allow a better transfer of pressure to the skis.

As a general rule, it is recommended to go one size, even one and a half sizes over your regular shoe size. Skimium offers a large choice of styles of ski boots when you book online to guarantee a max of sensory rush and pleasure.


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